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Job Purpose : Management of food safety program and product specifications, and all QA Tasks

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Team Leader of the Food Safety Committee
  • Verification of food safety documents
  • Supplier Quality Assurance.
  • R&D/Sensory panel Administration
  • Managing of non-conformances
  • Monitoring product weight control
  • Interpretation of Microbiological results
  • Technical support on pie production process
  • Generate product formulations and specifications
  • Manage budget expenses.
  • Manage yields in cooking
  • Manage of cleaning staff (this will include day and night shift staff, also outsourced cleaning staff)

Team Leader of the Food Safety Committee.

  • Ensure that BMO has a Food Safety System that is continuously improved and of the highest standards possible with resources available by:
  • Establishing, implementing, maintaining and update a Pre-Requisite Program.
  • Establishing, implementing, maintaining and update the FSSC 22 000 System.
  • Approve Policies, Procedures and Support Documentation such as check sheets and registers for these Programs and Plans.
  • Ensure an effective Document Control system is in place for above mentioned documentation.
  • Ensure that Top Management is aware of and make available resources required, such as personnel, time, and funds.
  • Ensure the relevant training and education of all personnel involved with manufacturing process.
  • Manage the Food Safety Team and organize its work.
  • Report to Top Management on the effectiveness and suitability of the Food Safety Systems.
  • Lead Management Reviews of the Food Safety System – at least once a year.
  • Chair Food Safety Team Meetings.
  • Lead External Audits

R&D Administration:

  • Arrange and execute taste panels of new / improved products.
  • Give feedback of these panels in relevant format to the R&D Team.
  • Brief and liaise with suppliers on raw material or ingredient specifications…
  • Interpret Summery of daily process control
  • Interpret weekly Micro results
  • Interpret COC/COA of raw materials
  • Generate non-conformances and communicate to Food safety team
  • Communicate with suppliers on NCR’S
  • Monitor product weights to conform to product specification
  • Generate product specifications and formulations from NPD plan
  • Generate ingredient label
  • Approve daily batch releases
  • Attend and report management meetings
  • Technical support to production process (Dough development, Cooking methods)
  • Back up to QC Manager
  • Sensory panel member
  • Staff motivation/Discipline


  • Ensure that cooking is done on a daily basis.(Ensure cooking procedures are followed)
  • Ensure yields on pots are correct. (Times and Temperatures)
  • Ensure QC conducts all checks.
  • Report all incidents.


  • Maintain high levels of proficiency in core competencies
  • Understand and apply procedures, requirements, regulations and policies.
  • Ensure that all work completed is done in accordance with work and operational policies and procedure.


  • Ensure that all actions, tasks are conducted in accordance with all company and industry      required health and safety procedures
  • Ensure all health and safety principles are adhered to.
  • Ensure all Personal Protective clothing and equipment is worn or used as required.
  • Ensure all PPC and PPE is clean.
  • Ensure all handling of food product is done with the utmost care to ensure that there is no contamination of any food product.

Desired Experience & Qualification

  • Diploma /Degree Bio Tech. /Food Technology
  • 05 Years’ experience in Food Safety and Quality Assurance.
  • 05 Years’ experience  in Pie manufacturing
  • MS Office Suite Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint


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